Holiday homes for all-year living in TRIORA from only c.€80,000  For 4 finished, fully-fitted properties see below...

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UNIQUE PROPERTY FOR SALE : elegant, stylish, finished apartments in a medieval palace.

A choice of four recently refurbished holiday homes / buy-to-lets from only c.€80,000

Rental possibilities from  April to November & xmas season.  Low running costs!

Very easy capital gains regime : un-taxed profits on re-sales after only 5 years.

Local property managers & cleaners available for running buy-to-lets.

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top left (A.) The Palace Cloisters, 6/9 rooms +1 grand terrace, +land with water source from €185,000

top right (B.)  The Palace Chambers, very large, 9 rooms, store & sun terrace from €222,000

bottom right (C.) The Penthouse - high living & amazing views, 6 rooms & sun terrace €222,000

bottom left (D.) The Sanctuary in the SE wing of the palace, 4 rooms & 1 terrace from only €80,000

or (D+x) The Sanctuary + The Chapterhouse - a partial project - 9 rooms & 1 terrace for only €120,000

For more details on these palace apartments, and the project, please see the further notes below


FOR SALE (A). PALACE CLOISTERS a prestige apartment & The N1 terrace in Triora

The Palace Cloisters, vaulted & columned terrace -  6 or 9 rooms options from


Recently re-fitted, this quality property was, until two hundred years ago, a noble family's dwelling.

Once upon a time, more recently, in the 1960's it was a convent, a cloisters for a local sisterhood.

Today it's a spacious home, sold with all appliances & many furnishings.

It has one of the citadels finest tower-terraces - the best in Triora!

It is sold with some land, which has 2 water sources.

It is for sale either as (Ai) a spacious apartment, on 1 floor, with 6 rooms, terrace and land

OR it could be sold as (Aii) a grander apartment, on 2 floors with 9 rooms

These extra 3 rooms, a suite that's ideal for guests, needs fully re-fitting.

The land (photo above) has 2 water sources: a cistern & an adjacent stream.

This valuable natural resource is sold with either the 6 or the 9 room option.



(Ai) Palace Cloisters 6 rooms & terrace, Euros 185,000 (1 floor, 6 rooms, terrace)


(Aii) Palace Cloisters 9 rooms & 2 terraces, Euros 200,000 (2 floors, 9 rooms, terrace & garden terrace)


The Palace Cloisters (Ai.)  is sold fully fitted for all-year-round living & is stylishly finished, with a high quality, brand new

central heating system, which heats stylish radiators throughout;  & a heated bathroom floor.

Bathroom & kitchen are fitted in marble & slate. The latter has all the appliances. 

The master bedroom is huge!

The terrace is sold with quality outdoor dining table & chairs.

It's fully ready to use! There is also a British freeview satellite TV system fitted.

 All-new plumbing & electrics throughout. Sold with adjacent street-side cellar, for storage.

Private entrance hall with storage space, from a private front door.

6 rooms + terrace, about 100m / or 9 rooms + 2 terraces, about 130m

Renovated in 2010

VERY LOW running expenses!  It costs only a fraction of British or other northern European rates-


The Palace Cloisters is also available for sale with 3 rooms of the Palace Chapterhouse, below, which would add

a guest wing of 3 rooms -  and another terrace - this time an open garden-terrace!

Whilst The Palace Cloisters is a finished, ready to live-in or to let-out apartment,

The Chapterhouse, below, is a project ... but it could become the ideal guest wing.

Use a local estate agent or just the notary - no estate agent fees from him.

More details, agent's details, etc. - if needed - upon request. British agent nearby.

To contact us click here









The Palace's Napoleonic Chambers & terrace - 9 rooms + terrace


This quality property was once the home of Napoleon's General Massena, the heroic 'liberator of Liguria'.

Recently it has been re-fitted & is now a fully-modernized palace apartment & a stylish holiday home

with a sun terrace - 180 panoramic views -  a medieval dining room, living room, library, etc.


Palace Napoleonic Chambers, with 9 rooms + terrace, Euros €222,000

The Palace Chambers of General Massena, is an apartment that is sold FULLY FITTED for all-year-round living,

including a wood-pellet heater which heats stylish radiators throughout; and a wood-burning stove.

It is also fitted with a heated bathroom floor - the bathroom is finished in marble;

the kitchen is also fitted in marble and sold with all the appliances (new in 2010).

The master bedroom is sold with bed, new mattress & wardrobes & cupboards

(if bought with 2 other bedrooms, they will also be sold with beds & furniture).

3/4 other rooms: library, large dining room, nook, and a fair-sized sitting room.

This apartment is ready to use (some furnishing is needed in the living rooms)

Terrace sold with dining table & chairs.

There is a British freeview satellite TV system fitted.

All new plumbing & electrics throughout.

6 rooms about 110m2 - or - 9 rooms about 140m2. 

Entrance from vaulted entrance hall shared with (D.) below

Renovated in 2010.


NOTE : this apartment may be sold together with (C.) the entire Palace Penthouse for €375 - see below



More info upon request from us

Use a local estate agent or just the notary - no estate agent fees from him. Save tens of thousands!

CONTACT US - either click on pictures atop this page or click here







FOR SALE (C). PALACE PENTHOUSE a contemporary apartment atop

The Palace Penthouse & secluded sun terrace -  various purchase options


The Palace Penthouse - a stylish apartment; high living with amazing views & a private sun terrace

The Palace Penthouse is an apartment that is sold fully-fitted for all-year-round living, with appliances, & recently finished.

It is also sold including a new wood-pellet heater, and a contemporary, stylish wood-burning stove.

It also has all-new pipe-work laid for central heating throughout - it just needs the radiators fitted.

The kitchen is finished in granite and is sold with all the appliances (new in 2010, used infrequently).

Presently consisting of a huge sitting room with magnificent views, a large studio, kitchen, 2 bathrooms (1 to finish).

Note : the large studio was designed to be 2 bedrooms, each with big storage areas, built-in, and it already has

separate lighting ready-fitted too. This apartment is ready to use now. It just needs your furnishings.

The sun terrace is sold with dining table & chairs.

There is a store room near the front door.

Entrance from a beautiful, vaulted hallway shared with (Bii.), see above.

There is a British freeview satellite TV system fitted. All new plumbing & electrics throughout.

In all, 5 or 6 rooms, plus stairs, halls & entrance, about 100m in total.  Renovated in 2010.

Euros 222,000

NOTE :   The Palace Penthouse may be sold together with (B) Palace Chambers of General Massena

For more details, see above (B) for the E400,000 joint-purchase for both apartments together.


More info upon request from us

Use a local estate agent or just the notary - no estate agent fees from him. Save tens of thousands!

CONTACT US - either click on pictures atop this page or click here







The Sanctuary & The Palace Convento & their terraces

from only c.€80,000 finished small house

to only €120,000 (with 5 extra rooms to finish)

For more pictures of this sale, see further below

A substantial part of the SE Wing of the palace is renovated & finished, to a very high standard.

Part remains, to finish. This is both a finished home AND a project (maybe a garden too)

Live in comfort whilst you develop the rest; either connect the 2, or rent one & live in the other.


The PALACE SOUTH-EAST WING consists of :

(D) The PALACE SANCTUARY, a fully renovated, high quality, stylish 4-room apartment for 2, with a terrace


(Dx) The PALACE CONVENTO,  a 'project' on 3 floors, located adjacent to The Palace Sanctuary.

The sale of which includes a 4 rooms plus 1 large off-street store

and which may also include a garden (60m) for €20k extra


The PALACE SANCTUARY is the finished apartment within The South-East Wing of The Palace.

It is fully fitted for all-year-round living with 1 bedroom, 1 en-suite: a large, walk-in shower-room, fitted in slate;

1 large living- and dining-room, & 1 open-plan kitchen.

Also there is 1 loggia-style, antique terrace, fitted in old stone. 

 Sold with heating, all fittings, and all appliances, and most furnishings too!

SEE PHOTOS, PLANS, DETAILS of the finished home, The Palace Sanctuary - CLICK HERE

and, the other property within The PALACE SOUTH-EAST WING is:

The PALACE CONVENTO, a partly-renovated project, with 5 rooms, adjacent,

that was once connected to The Palace Sanctuary , and could be easily re-connected


The PALACE SANCTUARY is sold FULLY FITTED, with a heavily-insulated new roof, with newly restored fascias.

It is sold with a new wood-pellet heater, a heated bathroom floor, & dedicated wiring, ready-fitted for a bedroom heater.

The kitchen & bathroom are newly fitted in granite & slate, and both are both finished to a very high standard.

The bedroom has recessed clothes hanging spaces & varied new furniture. There is a British freeview TV system.

The terrace has a dining table & chairs. The sitting room & dining room furniture is in place. It's fully ready to use!

All-new plumbing & electrics throughout;  and new plastering in all rooms <60m2.  Renovated in 2010.


The PALACE CONVENTO is structurally sound: re-enforcing works, 3 new steel & concrete floors; and a new plumbing

waste system are in place. It has a set of plans drawn-up by the architect at the local council, and it is ready to finish.

The Palace Sanctuary is an established holiday let, with a high booking rate p.a.



Use a local estate agent or just the notary - no estate agent fees from him. Save tens of thousands!

c.€80,000 for just The Sanctuary (a house of 4 rooms, 1 terrace) 


 €120,000 Euros for The Sanctuary & terrace  PLUS  The Palace Convento


€135,000 with a garden too









Holiday within a medieval palace, with southerly panoramic views from a stunning terrace, for 2

Or enjoy the grandeur of a 4-bedroom Renaissance Convent and its gardens, for up to 8

Or stay in a 2-bedroom house with terrace and gardens, which sleeps up to 4


1. Stay in a snug & cosy house, ideal for a couple - stay at The Sanctuary :

This cosy snug is ideal for 2,  though an adjacent property can be added, for up to 6 in total. It was renovated in 2010, then opened in late summer 2011, fully refurbished. It is a warm & stylish house within the south-east wing of a medieval palace. Once upon a time it was part of the palace monastery. It consists of the 2 upper floors of a one-time, 5-storey-high chapterhouse. Entering at ground level, guests may go straight into the large bedroom (cool-in-summer & warm-in-winter) with its en-suite WC & shower-room (where once there was a sacral antechamber). The bathroom has a very large walk-in, open shower, and a designer suite of WC, bidet and slate stone-mounted sink. From the entrance, ascending the stairs brings guests into a bright and comfortable, loft-style open living area that features a brand new kitchen, fitted-out completely in granite work surfaces. The adjacent living and dual-dining areas enjoy natural light and incredible views. Plenty of seating options afford comfort, whether watching satellite TV (all the British terrestrial channels BBC1-4, ITV1-4, Channel 4 and 900 others) or whether sitting at the huge French window-doors, or enjoying the views from a 600-year-old, beautifully restored stone terrace, where dinner can be served & enjoyed al fresco, in all weathers, in medieval ambience. Indoor dining is also possible - there is a table for 2. The panoramic views of the valley and mountains to the south help make this attractive property not just a home of character but one that offers far more than many other holiday lets do. Sound-proofed and heat/cold-proofed, it affords a great level of comfort. Prices from only around 375 a week! For more info about either - or other superb properties locally - please Email us and we will put you in touch with the owners. To do that click on the photos atop the page and follow links to contact page.

The photos below are from The Sanctuary, a cosy home for 2 in the wing of a palace. Newly opened in autumn 2012 by Martin Naysmith.




2. Stay in a Renaissance Convent, ideal for larger groups;

up to 8 may enjoy the grandeur of Casa Convento:

Casa Convento is the largest vacation rental in Triora; a veritable villa of olde, with many rooms & large gardens too

The Renaissance Convent, Casa Convento, is one of the other noble homes of former times, in medieval Triora.  With gardens and sun terraces, it is the largest single holiday home in Triora.  It sleeps up to 8.  If your budget goes as far as a very reasonable 1150 per week, do consider it - it's huge!  It has been recently renovated and refurbished. Its labyrinths & gardens will enchant & intrigue you. Once upon a time it was a convent, hence its name. Today, this 3-storey, enormous holiday home, with its myriad rooms & passageways, will make for a memorable vacation. Entering at street level, guests may go straight up to the tower, across to the wing, straight on the glorious living rooms, or down to the terraces, and out to the gardens. Privacy and panoramic views - amidst stupendous space!  We can take a booking directly for you. It costs 1,150 Euros per week. For nightly rates please ask.

The photos below are from Casa Convento, a grande home, newly opened in 2012 by Anglo-Italian lovers of the finer things in life




3. Since summertime 2014, we have been able to suggest a garden house, with a terrace too.

Economical 2 bedroom house, with lots of outdoors space, for up to 4.

The economy option at only 450 GBP Sterling per week.

More info upon request & photos to come by 2015

This is an ideal economy let, with 2 bedrooms,

sleeps 4 & has lots of outside space too.

Location : near museum, bars and restaruant

Price is 450 GBP Sterling per week

This house will be fully described very soon

 For exact rates and availability please enquire now.

Photos will come for 2015 ... opened in 2013 by Brits abroad, lovers of the Italian dolce vita!


4. NEW : since summertime 2014, stay in a Tower house, with a superb terrace too

Very economical, basic 4 bedroom house, with a tower-top terrace, for up to 7!

850 per week

Please enquire.




Bookings  for The Renaissance Convent,  The Garden House,  The Tower, and for The Sanctuary,

please contact us and we will put you in touch with the various owners


please click here to CONTACT the owners of the properties above, to get in touch with

Martine & Michele,  Gianni & Jayne,  Roger & Lizetta,  and  Debbie & Maurizio

and their respective property managers, and their staff too


Bookings can be made via a secure on-line links - pay down-payments safely into Italian banks

 Remaining balances can then be paid in € via bank-to-bank transfers to the same Italian banks




NOTE : vacation rentals will NOT be affected at all by any sales, as viewings will be done before or after the season

when guests are not staying; and all/any sales will be completed after holiday seasons are over.

Sales typically take months to a year to organise. Holidays will not be affected.

Why not buy your own holiday home, within a medieval palace?

It's a safer investment than bank deposits or paper stocks.




for the TRIORA WEBCAM please scroll further down ...

Above : a typical image,  one of 100's of local bathing spots, in myriad rivers & streams nearby

* * *

* * *


Four film celebrities, with Academy Awards (Oscar) backgrounds - nominees & winners - have holiday homes in Triora.

Italian writers have written 50 books on Triora & there are also titles penned by international authors who live here :

Julia Blackburn, biographer of Billie Holiday, Napoleon, Goya & author of many books, lives here;

as does Nadya De Angelis, former editor-in-chief of Russian science journal "FOCUS".

The former vice-President of a Scandic energy company, Veronica Sparre, often stays in Triora too.


A reel of movies about Triora has been filmed; and a galaxy of film-makers, stars, authors & artists live in Triora,

Shown below are some of the films made by, or with Triora's film celebrities include these international hits,

4 Oscar nominated & award-winning movies


Triora is also on CD!  Music by The Tallis Scholars, The Brighton Early Music Festival, and other groups

who frequent Triora for concerts, for opera and for theatre al fresco, has made it on to CD and DVD.





CLICK on the CATS photo here to see the TRIORA WEBCAM


The TRIORA WEBCAM shows merely the westerly extremity of Triora, not the beautiful medieval borgo

 Triora is FACTUALLY one of the top-100 most beautiful spots in Italy - I BORGHI PIU' BELLI D'ITALIA

"Triora is like The English Lake District but WITH  good weather & MORE history." GUESTS' ACTUAL COMMENT

"Triora is a bit like Machu Picchu ... without having to travel to Peru!" GUEST'S ACTUAL COMMENT

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