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Three 'Oscar' celebrities have bought property in Triora!




above: Colle Langan, a World Rally peak: in Triora front row seats are free!


Below, usually you will find details of property for sale in Triora. At this time there is little of value on offer. Triora has become very popular with buyers of taste and a lot of the top property has been snapped-up long ago. However, every now and then something special becomes available to the right buyer.

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Buying Property : British & Other Estate Agencies in Italy.

Buying property in Italy is much easier than buying property in England, and far less stressful! Gazumping, gazundering and the other underhand buying and selling tactics we see in parts of the UK are virtually non-existent in Italy, partly due to the pre-purchase contract. When a prospective buyer makes an offer for a property, and it is accepted, the estate agent will draw-up the pre-purchase contract. When the pre-purchase contract is signed the prospective buyer must pay 10% of the purchase price of the property to the seller. This contractual payment legally binds the seller to sell to the prospective buyer. It also legally binds the prospective buyer. If the contract is broken by either party there are penalties. If the prospective buyer breaks the contract the 10% deposit is forfeit. Likewise, if the seller breaks the contract, the seller must, under law, pay the prospective buyer the original 10% deposit back, plus a further 10% for the trouble! Failure to complete house purchases in Italy is rare.

What do you get for your money from an estate agent? Well, if you want to use one - you don't legally have to - be prepared for a shock: a 5% shock! That's the fee to buyers, even when it's not actually legal to charge buyers a purchase fee! Even if one buys a low value property there is a minimum charge of 3,500 plus taxes. Sellers have to pay 4 or 5% also! 

What does the typical estate agent in Italy do for you?

1. They should be able to answer all sorts of questions about the property you are buying, and they will make an offer on your behalf.

2. They should help to provide a 'codice fiscale' for you. This is like a national insurance number, and everyone in Italy has one. You need it before you can buy a house.

3. They help set-up a bank account at an Italian bank for you so that the purchase funds can be transferred from your home bank. This is also useful after the purchase, when you are away in the UK, for paying your domestic bills via direct debit.

4. They help to organise the pre-purchase contract.

5. They contact a notary and arrange a date for the sale. A notary is a property solicitor. Unlike the UK where we have different lawyers for buyer and seller, in Italy the lawyer is neutral. It works better. There are none of those strange delays we're used to in the UK, which are probably due to British lawyers creating reasons for hold-ups just to make interest on your money whilst it is with them! An Italian notary never sees your money! There are benefits to that too, as will be explained by your estate agent.

6. They see you through the sale. 

7. They collect their fees and if you are lucky they'll take you to the local council and register your house purchase there. Then you are on your own - except in Triora!

We are good friends with a local estate agency. If buyers want to use an agency we will recommend them. If not, there are other, less expensive ways to do business here.




Buying Property : Private Purchases

Buying property in Italy is easy. Thus, it is very easy to get together with the seller and visit a notary, arrange a date, and buy a house. It can take as little as three weeks to complete a purchase and you'll save a fortune in agency fees, maybe 10,000!  However, there are pitfalls. So, in most cases we would at least mention a local estate agent though it can be done through a coastal-based freelance agent for a fraction of the cost, though minimums also apply on low value properties!


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