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Mountains, sea & two countries for the price of one!











Triora is located in the Province of Imperia, in the Region of Liguria, one of the smallest but  widely acknowledged as one of the most beautiful states in all of Italy.

Triora is very happily situated between the Mediterranean Sea, only 40 minutes drive away, and the stunning Maritime Alps. The medieval principality sits at 765metres above sea level (about 2,500 feet) where it enjoys unimaginable views over river valleys and mountain ranges at all compass points.

Due to the proximity of the Maritime Alps in the North-West, and the warming influence of the Mediterranean, this well-protected, mostly south-facing situation affords winter residents a milder and dryer climate than most of the peninsula, and certainly than the rest of northern Italy. Conversely, during summer Triora enjoys a very pleasant temperate and dry climate, far more comfortable than the  unbearable temperatures seen in the south. Most of the buildings in Triora are built facing due south, which means day-long sun throughout summer and winter.

Triora is rightfully included in the highly prestigious lists of the most beautiful spots in Italy (Club dei Borghi Piu Belli d'Italia; and Touring Club Italia). There are 100 members in each. In a country as stunning as Italy, this is indeed testimony to Triora's particular beauty.

Triora's 8 churches boast Renaissance paintings and sculptures, and Medieval frescos, including a Fourteenth Century church, St. Bernardino, wherein all of the walls are painted, in a style resonant of  Hieronymus Bosch, depicting the torments of hell. The 5 castles of Triora didn't all survive the many wars yet two remain and the ruins of the others can be located. Three out of four palaces also survive. Two are presently being renovated. One will become "The International Museum of Witchcraft Through the Ages", and will herald the re-birth of the main square, with new bars, restaurants and shops. The other palazzo will become a cultural centre with convention and exhibition halls, a pool, a cinema, and a restaurant. The latter palace is a recent acquisition by one of Triora's two Oscar nominated film celebrities!






Location: rivers, valleys and hills

The Coat of Arms of Triora depicts a Cerberus rampant. The mythical three-headed guardian at the gates of the underworld is an apt mytho-zootype as Triora sits above the confluence of three rivers, Argentina, Capriolo and Corte, which it guarded in medieval times. The three rivers are 'torrente', beautiful and often violent, though free from flooding mountain torrents. They are decorated with fantastic geological features. In calmer months it is possible to walk on and between the monstrous boulders and slate beds in and along these fascinating rivers, which course 300m below Triora.

The three rivers, and the many tributaries in the various river valleys around Triora, bring fresh water from The Alps, and provide excellent summer bathing opportunities in secret waterfall lagoons.

The foothills between the rivers and the mountains provide excellent walking and rambling opportunities. There are literally hundreds of walks between the three valleys, Argentina, Capriolo and Corte! Walking higher up, about 5 miles away, in the Maritime Alps provides spectacular views of Piedmont, Liguria, and the Mediterranean, where Corsica can be seen on one of the many clear days. It is also ideal for spotting rare fauna and flora, from rare butterflies and birds, e.g. Eagles to rare plants and flowers like Orchids.










Location: 2 countries, 4 cultures

Italy AND France! Living in Triora has many benefits but the chance to choose between the two great gastronomic, fashion and style capitals of Europe is priceless. The contrast of the beautiful Italian countryside and bustling south-east France is very pleasing. Unlike many parts of the Italian peninsular, Triora's location enjoys easy access to metropolitan areas in two countries.

The proximity of two strong international cultures has not managed to diminish the ancient local traditions of Triora, nor those of Occitania. Triorans speak a curious dialect alongside Italian and French. Triora is very welcoming to foreigners though its culture is decidedly arcane. The people of Liguria were described by the pre-Roman Etruscans as being of great antiquity. The mountain folk of Triora practice daily their ways of olde. Delicious culinary delights and peculiar cultural surprises reward all who come here! Then there's the Occitan tradition - strong in dance, music and food - an ancient blood bond with the peoples of the Languedoc. 

The roads to France are varied: south-bound main roads to the coast followed by motorways ensure speed, whilst west-bound trans-mountain roads allow for serene and memorable shopping excursions. Presently an old mountain road through Triora's dependant-village Realdo, the easternmost point of the land of Occitania, is being re-surfaced and will make easier passage to inland France and the French mountain towns of La Brigue and Tende, and provide access to the French ski resorts.






Location: 6 cities, 3 principalities & 2 islands!

The nearest metropolitan city, the capital of The Cote d'Azur, Nice, is about 75 minutes drive from Triora. The alluring charm of  casino city Monte Carlo, in the principality of Monaco, is only 60 minutes drive. There are two very attractive Italian cities within easy reach of Triora. Eastbound lies Imperia, two towns in one city: Porto Maurizio and Oneglia. Westbound is the glamorous harbour city, San Remo. There are many towns along The Italian Riviera, with beaches, harbours and excellent seaside restaurants. Triorans are further blessed to be within range of the great Italian cities, Turin, Genoa and Milan.

Between Monte Carlo and Triora, there lies a third principality, Seborga. It provides a rare entry stamp to your passport.

The beautiful islands of Corsica and Sardinia are within easy reach. Ferries sail regularly from Nice and Genoa.

from top left, anticlockwise: San Remo, Imperia, Nice, Torino (Turin),  Monaco, Milano (Milan), Genova (Genoa)








Location: 2 Rivieras!

As if the Italian Riviera wasn't enough, the French Riviera, with film capital Cannes, and The Cote d'Azur, is only an hour away! The Italian Riviera is decorated with small harbour towns and villages, each offering beaches and moorings, as well as great food. There are many miles of quiet beaches between the villages. Even in the middle of winter these seaside refuges provide a reminder of summer. Shopping trips to the coast are always combined with at least a morning coffee and half an hour of shore side relaxation. The harbour at Oneglia, Imperia is laden with excellent restaurants, as is San Remo, and so too is the nearby French border town, Menton. All three have the ubiquitous supermarkets, so the excuse of shopping for essentials can be used to assuage consciences (and lighten stomachs) weighed down by lazy seaside luncheons.






Location: 4 airports

Nice is the best combination of biggest + nearest airport, but Albenga, nearby on the Italian Riviera, is opening up routes to the UK. It could become a serious competitor to Nice's Cote d'Azur airport, which at the western end of Nice, is about 80 minutes drive from Triora. Easyjet currently fly to and from Nice, as well as British Midland and British Airways. Genoa (Genova) airport is located in the nearest part of Genoa, the west, and is just under 2 hours drive away. Ryan Air currently fly to and from Genoa. Nearly 3 hours away is Turin (Torino), the fourth option. Over 3 hours away Milan is too far to use when the others are available but it's a fifth option.

For train information see the DIRECTIONS page above for more details.

There are not many parts of Italy you can comfortably drive to. Driving to and fro between the UK and Triora is a pleasure. We've done the trip over twenty times. See the DIRECTIONS page above for more details.




Shown below are photographs of surrounding villages & local countryside;  some of our beautiful flora and fauna; and also some of the palace. Many more will be found on our apartment rental pages, where our apartments are shown in detail - http://www.holiday-rentals.co.uk/p97970







from left, above: wallcreeper; blue rock thrush, hummingbird moth; and the lunigiana garden tiger butterfly




from left, above: butterfly orchid; unidentified orchid; snowbell, and a beetle on an orchid - we have some strange and beautiful plants, including many cacti!




left: a chamois;  above: varieties of porcini mushrooms.Triora is famous for its mushrooms. It celebrates annually with a mushroom festival in September.





left: Goina and the view north; above: Verdeggia and winter mountains






left & above: summer, winter, summer in Realdo, 500 m above Triora




left & above:Loreto and gorge, and Creppo




left: Mount Trono;  above: Bregalla;  right:  maritime alps north of Triora








left: Corte and the view east;  above: Monesi di Triora, our local ski resort

For more, you must come to Triora and see for yourself.




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